Families to Complete a Daily Health Screening, Including Temperature Check

One of the precautions we are taking amid the COVID-19 pandemic is a daily health screening of all students and employees. This is also a requirement of school reopening plans. This screening is designed to identify potential symptoms and assess possible exposure to the virus. Families will receive an email daily, during the overnight hours, with a link to the screening form for each student in the household.

What should families know about the daily health screening? 

  • This screening contains four questions related to travel to certain states (as identified by New York State, COVID-19 symptoms or infection, contact with any confirmed cases of COVID-19 and a temperature check. All of the questions are YES/NO.
  • If you answer NO to all of the questions, the student can come to school.
  • If you answer YES to any of the questions, the student CANNOT come to school. Please contact your family physician or the local department of health to determine your next steps.
  • Students with a temperature of 100.0° F or higher cannot come to school.
    If the temperature check is not completed at home, it will take  place at the start of the school day.

The link(s) in the daily email are customized for each student and are the same for each student every day. Pleases do not share these, as each student has their own link. You may wish to bookmark your link for ease of reference each day.

Screenshot of the Daily Health Screening Form

Screenshot of the health screening form