Enrollment projection and building capacity studies are available

Enrollment growth expected; Community feedback sought by the district

A pair of study documents intended to guide future planning in the district are now available for review by members of the school community.

Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra, Jr. announced at Tuesday evening’s Board of Education meeting that the Enrollment Projection/Demographic Study and Pupil Capacity Analysis have been completed by consultant Dr. Paul Seversky.

Note: These studies were updated in the 2018-19 school year and the most updated version of each are available at the links below.

The enrollment projection study details low-, mid- and high-range enrollment scenarios for each level over the next several years. Even in the most conservative estimates, enrollment would increase at each level, according to the study.

The building capacity analysis provides a breakdown of the classrooms and spaces in each school and how they are being used. The study compares enrollment with the capacity of each building based on district class size targets.

Based on this year’s enrollment, the elementary schools are at 95 percent capacity overall; the middle schools are at 90 percent capacity overall and the high school is slightly above capacity.

The studies are designed to provide foundational data to help inform future plans. A number of program planning efforts are underway in the district with implications for programs and facilities.

For example, last year’s Science and Engineering Technology Program Review identified the need for open spaces for hands-on learning, such as makerspaces and labs, at the elementary and middle school levels.

Dr. Seversky has met with the District Leadership Team and the Enrollment Study and School Configuration subcommittee of the Instructional Program Advisory Council.

No decisions have been made in terms of facilities or program changes in light of the studies. They will be presented in greater depth at an upcoming Board of Education. An important step in the coming months will be engaging the school community in this process.

Members of the school community are encouraged to review the studies and share thoughts, ideas and questions with the district through the e-mail address publiccomment@niskyschools.org.

E-mails received will help the district identify the questions that need to be answered and ideas and perspectives that need to be considered.

Additional opportunities for members of the school community to discuss the studies and share feedback about the future of programs and facilities will be announced at a future date.

Links to the Updated Studies

Enrollment Projections, January 2019

Pupil Capacity Analysis, January 2019

    If you are unable to access the above documents, please contact the District Communications Office at communications@niskyschools.org or (518) 377-4666, ext. 50707 to have a hard copy or electronic version provided to you.