Registration for driver education now open

Applications for Driver Education will be available in the East Office beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 11.

There are a limited number of spots available and they are filled starting with seniors (from oldest to youngest), and then juniors, etc.

All participating students must have a valid learner’s permit by the first day of class. A copy of the permit and a payment of $350 must be turned in with application. All completed applications are due to Mrs. McGill in the East Office by noon on Sept. 20. There will be no exceptions.

Class begins Monday, Sept 24 and runs through mid-January. All classes are held daily after school and attendance is mandatory. Students will not pass the course if they miss more than two classes. Students involved in sports, after school activities or those who have jobs after school will not be able to do both. Please do not sign up if you are not available for a daily commitment. Please consider applying for our summer program if the school year doesn’t work for your schedule!