District shares results of communications surveys

The district is sharing the results of the comprehensive school communications surveys that parents, faculty and staff, and community members took toward the end of last school year. A total of 563 individual surveys were completed across these three groups.

District leaders are grateful for the valuable feedback that was provided through the survey, which was conducted online in May and June. The results helped inform the district’s approach to communications this year.

Here are some highlights of the results and recommendations from the survey organization:

  • Generally, respondents rated communications from the district, schools and teachers as “understandable” and “accurate.”
  • Parents gave high ratings in response to whether they feel welcome when they visit their child’s school.
  • In terms of the forms of communication people most rely on, backpack notices/flyers and e-mail were tied for the top rating in the parent survey; community members rely on the local media the most, followed closely by the district newsletter; and faculty and staff rely primarily on e-mail.
  • In terms of the preferred mode for district communications, e-mail ranked highest with each group.
  • The areas the survey identified for potential improvement include staff communications, internal and external customer service, and communicating about district goals, plans and related issues.
  • Survey respondents were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with communication from the district on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest score. On average, the parent rating for overall satisfaction was 3.8, the faculty and staff rating was 3.7, and the community rating was 3.5.

The survey was helpful in shaping this year’s district communications plan. The results reinforce the importance of implementing the new School Messenger system, which provides the ability to e-mail, text or call parents, faculty and staff, and community members. In the annual back-to-school mailing, each family was provided with a document that outlines the process that was formalized last year for resolving issues and addressing concerns in a timely fashion, as well as key phone numbers.

The district is also committed to continuing to produce multiple issues of its Your Schools newsletter each year and officials are focused on enhancing communications related to district goals and plans. In particular, district leaders have been working to highlight the variety of efforts that are underway related to the strategic plan adopted last year.

We will continue to review the survey results to help inform future improvements in communication and community engagement. Thank you to everyone who took the survey for their time and valuable feedback.