District investigating comments made at high school soccer game

It has come to the attention of the school district administration that during a varsity girls soccer game at Niskayuna High School on Tuesday, Oct. 9, there were racially-charged comments made in a Niskayuna student cheering section. The administration is actively investigating this situation. Such behavior is a violation of the school district’s Code of Conduct and everything that we stand for as a school district.

High school officials are currently interviewing students who attended the game in an effort to determine what took place. The student or students who are determined to be responsible will face disciplinary action in accordance with the school Code of Conduct and be counseled by the district’s Equity Coordinator. School officials noted that the students who have been interviewed have been cooperative.

The goal of interscholastic athletics is to encourage teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect for all participants. These expectations extend to all spectators at athletic contests, as does the Code of Conduct. Sporting events should be a positive experience for all involved, and we regret that a team came to Niskayuna High School and had a negative experience.

Our district has placed a strong emphasis on school climate and fostering an environment of civility and respect for all. Clearly there is more work to be done – and we are committed to doing it. Once the investigation is resolved, this situation will be directly addressed with the high school student body. Our work in this area as a school community will continue in partnership with the district Environment and Culture Advisory Council and our equity coordinator.