District announces Capital Project Community Advisory Committee

Group will assist in program delivery study, develop facilities recommendations

An approximately 40-member Capital Project Community Advisory Committee, representing stakeholder groups across the district, will play a major role in shaping a districtwide facilities improvement project over the next two years. The committee members’ names are listed below.

The members include parents of students at each academic level and from all schools, taxpayers without children in the schools, parents of Niskayuna graduates and preschool-age children, district grandparents, and staff members who reside in the district.

The committee will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, August 28, and will generally meet monthly.

Approximately 60 community members responded to the call for volunteers for the committee. Due to the need to limit the size of the committee and ensure a cross-section of the community, not all who volunteered could be selected.

The focus of the capital project will be to modernize learning facilities based on the strategic direction of academic programs and a projected increase in enrollment over the next decade. It is also expected to address a variety of issues identified in the district’s 2016 Building Condition Survey to protect the investment taxpayers have made in Niskayuna schools over the years.

As part of this process, the district is working with a consultant to examine the potential for other PreK-12 program delivery options, including school configurations, given the vision of the district and anticipated enrollment increase. The committee will work closely with the consultant this year.

The committee will act in an advisory capacity to the Board of Education, with the Board determining the final scope of a capital project proposal. The current timeline calls for a capital project vote in the fall of 2020.

The district will report regularly on the committee’s progress through the website and district newsletters.

“I welcome our committee members to this important work and thank them for dedicating their time and energy to it,” said Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra, Jr. “Our goal is to maintain our facilities and ensure they are safe, efficient and suitable for modern programs that prepare students for future success. It’s critical to have such widespread community involvement in this process.”

Capital Project Community Advisory Committee Members

  • Layla Aburas-Khafaga, Preschool parent
  • Mohammed Agamy, Iroquois parent
  • Shelley Baldwin-Nye , Glencliff Elementary School Principal and Iroquois and High School Parent
  • Lindsay Bender, Community member
  • Rebecca Bordon, Van Antwerp and High School parent
  • Jim Bryant, Hillside parent
  • Dana Bryant, Community member
  • Tara Byrne, Rosendale parent
  • Jim Cesare, Community member, parent of Niskayuna graduate
  • Feng Chen, Craig and High School parent
  • Joe Christian, Van Antwerp and parent of Niskayuna graduate
  • Bryce Colby, Teacher, Coach and High School parent
  • Taryn Davila-Webster , High School Parent
  • Chris Delano, Teacher, Coach and Birchwood parent
  • Kate Evanoff, Rosendale Grandparent and High School Parent
  • Jim Fogarty, Community member, parent of Niskayuna graduate
  • Laura Franckowiak, Hillside parent
  • Kristopher Golden, Preschool and Glencliff parent
  • Tom Hartman, Community member, parent of Niskayuna graduate
  • Joseph Hehir, Elementary and High School grandparent
  • Adam Hover, Preschool and Craig parent
  • Jeff Keller, Birchwood parent
  • Mark Kelly, Glencliff, Iroquois, and High School parent
  • Michelle Krasodomski, Niskayuna graduate and community member
  • Kevin McGrath, Preschool parent
  • Sharon Nicpon, Community member, parent of Niskayuna graduate
  • David Orcutt, Retired Niskayuna teacher, district grandparent
  • Ketan Patel, Preschool parent
  • Matthew Petrangelo, Hillside and Van Antwerp parent
  • Andrea Polikoski, Glencliff parent
  • Dennis Quinn, High School parent, parent of Niskayuna graduate
  • John Reilly, Community member, parent of Niskayuna graduate
  • Darcy Rosenthal, Glencliff and Iroquois parent
  • Stephen Schmidt, Community member, parent of a private school student, Niskayuna graduate
  • John Svare, Preschool and Craig parent
  • Denise Teichman, Iroquois and High School parent
  • Beth Tiffany, Preschool and Craig parent
  • Tom Titsworth, Van Antwerp and High School parent
  • Aaron Tolbert, Preschool parent
  • Andrew Van Alstyne, Hillside and Van Antwerp parent
  • Joan Vertigan, Community Member, parent of Niskayuna graduate
  • Tim Welch, Niskayuna graduate and community member

*Community member indicates no children currently in Niskayuna schools