Congratulations to our Retirees

On Tuesday, June 16, at 6 p.m. we virtually honored 16 individuals who are retiring this year. They are listed below. Collectively, this year’s retirees provided 312 years of service to our students, schools, and community, and we are so grateful for their many contributions.

  • Mary Burke, Teacher, Hillside Elementary School, 30 years
  • Gary Butrym, Cleaner, Van Antwerp Middle School, 6 years
  • Terri Connelly, Executive Secretary II, District Office, 24 years
  • William Davis, Bus Driver, 22 years
  • Janet Dibiase, Nurse – RN, Niskayuna High School, 11 years
  • Georgiann Holm, Teaching Assistant, Iroquois Middle School, 17 years
  • Elizabeth Kramer, Typist, Van Antwerp Middle School, 12 years
  • Richard Lane, Senior Maintenance Mechanic, Information Technology, 33 years
  • Yvette Nadeau, Bus Driver, 20 years
  • Mary-Jo Palmiotto, Senior Payroll Audit Clerk, 30 years
  • Ramona Quirion, Special Education Teacher, Niskayuna High School, 15 years
  • Margret Riehl, Nurse – RN, Craig Elementary School, 28 years
  • John Russell, Teaching Assistant, Niskayuna High School, 3 years
  • Kimberley Steitzer, Teacher, Craig Elementary School, 16 years
  • Karl Swisher, Counselor, Niskayuna High School, 24 years
  • Glorianna Viscusi, Teaching Assistant, Niskayuna High School, 21 years