Change to Birchwood’s morning drop-off traffic pattern begins Monday, March 12

Dear Birchwood Families,

As you know, the district is updating and reviewing procedures as part of a continuing focus on school safety. Many parents who drop their children off at school in the morning noticed considerable traffic backup last week. The purpose of this message is to share a change in the traffic pattern for morning drop-off that we believe will help improve traffic flow and safety for all.

Beginning Monday morning, March 12, please observe the drop-off procedures outlined below. This will help to keep traffic moving as much as possible, ensure staff members have access to their parking areas, and provide for the safe arrival of all students.

Here are the drop-off procedures that we will use at Birchwood moving forward:

  • All parents who are dropping children off stay to the right to access the parent drop-off loop. (This has not changed.)
  • Parents can not drop off children in either of the side parking lots (This causes a traffic jam, with cars arriving and trying to exit the property. It is unsafe for students walking, and does not allow staff members access to parking.)
  • There will now be two parent drop-off lanes. One will be the current lane that has been in use. The second lane will be on the other side of the SAME center sidewalk.
  • Regardless of which lane a parent uses, all students will exit the car onto the center sidewalk/median. They will then walk up the sidewalk where Mr. Bennet will continue to greet them and cross them safely to the sidewalk in front of the building. Please be sure to have your child exit his/her car on the side of the sidewalk.
  • Parents must remain in the car at all times. This will keep the car line flowing as smoothly as possible.
  • All cars must remain in the car line after dropping off children. For safety, parent drop-off lines must be single-file lanes.

We will have new lines painted on the pavement to identify the parent drop-off lanes as soon as possible. (If the weather cooperates, they could be painted by early this week.) Please also look for additional signage in the near future.

I appreciate everyone’s attention to this very important issue. Please know that we are committed to monitoring this and other changes that are taking place.

I recognize that new procedures can be inconvenient at times. We are all focused on ensuring the safest possible schools for our students, and I value your partnership in making these transitions as smooth as possible.

If you have any questions, please call the main office and I will be happy to answer them as quickly as I can.


Debra A Berndt