Call for Interest: Reimagining Our Vision & Mission

Dear Colleagues, Families and Community Members,

Do you know the district’s vision and mission statements? If not, don’t worry – you are not alone. However, we would like to change that. It is time to return to something that we had planned to do last spring – reimagine our district vision and mission statements so that they are more succinct, memorable and reflective of our schools today and the direction we are headed for the future. The purpose of this message is to invite stakeholders from across the district to be part of this process.

On Thursday, July 8, a team of stakeholders representing all aspects of the school district will work with an outside facilitator to update these vision and mission statements based on the work of the past few years and exciting things ahead for our schools. We are hoping to have all employee groups, schools, PTO and booster groups, and community partners involved in this process.

If you would like to participate, please complete the Google Form available at this link by Friday, June 4: Those who participate should plan to start the day the morning of July 8 and spend most of the day in the district working with the group in-person.

Those who are involved will form a synthesis group, spending the day reviewing information and discussing values, ideas and future directions. We will end the day with proposed mission and vision statements that can serve as guideposts for future decision-making and to communicate directly what we are all about in the Niskayuna Central School District.

In recent years, we have developed an academic program vision and have been increasingly focused on areas such as student voice, multiple pathways to success, equity, antiracism, mental health and wellness. We have decided to transform our middle level program in particular, and the community has supported major investments to position our school facilities for the future.

We want the way we present our district to better represent who we are and our plans for the future – and we want your help! Please consider participating in this process by completing the Google Form.

We will make decisions the week of June 7 about the makeup of the team to ensure balance across stakeholder groups, and will communicate the information promptly to all who express interest.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership and support.