Detailed Staffing Adjustments in the Proposed 2021-22 Budget

The budget does reflect the net reduction of more than 9.85 full-time equivalent (FTE) overall, although a portion of these are through attrition, leaving positions being vacated by retirements/resignations unfilled. Other budget reductions are based on the annual middle and high school scheduling process as well as the fact that three positions in the current budget to meet specific student needs will not be required next year. Each of these areas is detailed below.

All positions shown as full-time equivalent, or FTE.

Staffing Reductions Based on Attrition

At the beginning of the budget process there were 15 instructional retirements planned at the end of this year. These represent positions, or portions of positions, that are being vacated due to retirement or resignations and will not be filled.

  • Business: 0.9
  • English: 0.4
  • Math: 0.25
  • Music: 0.3
  • Social Studies: 0.6
  • Technology: 1.65
  • World Language: 0.6
  • Educational Assistant, Special Education: 0.8
  • Clerical Assistant, Special Education: 1.0
  • Total, Attrition: 6.5 FTE

Staffing Reductions, Student-Need Based

The following positions are in the current year’s budget to meet specific student needs, but will not be required next year.

  • Licensed Practical Nurse: 1.0
  • Teachings Assistants: 2.0
  • Total, Student-Need Based: 3.0 FTE

Staffing Reductions Based on Student Schedules

Staffing adjustments are made annually based on the middle school and high school scheduling processes. Here are the reductions for 2021-22.

  • Art: 0.55
  • Business: 0.1
  • Culinary: 0.4
  • English: 0.3
  • Health: 0.7
  • Math: 0.2
  • P.E.: 0.2
  • Reading: 0.4
  • Science: 1.2
  • Total Sectioning: 4.15 FTE

Budget Additions Based on Student & Program Needs

The proposed 2021-22 school budget includes the addition of the full-time equivalent (FTE) of nearly 4 positions based on student and program needs and improvements. These are detailed below.

  • Health: 0.6 (enables the return of the Freshman Health Seminar)
  • Director of Wellness: 1.0 (The athletic supervisor position previously discussed will be a director of K-12 counseling/assistant athletic director, called the director of wellness.)
  • Director of Technology: 0.4 (increase of a contracted position)
  • Middle School Special Education: 0.8
  • Typist, Van Antwerp Middle School Counseling Center: 1.0
  • Total, Additions: 3.8 FTE

The net staffing change in the proposed 2021-22 budget is a decrease of 9.85 FTE positions. The impact is lessened by reductions based on attrition.