Board of Education Policy 9240: Professional Staff Recruiting and Hiring

Through its employment policies, the Board of Education will attempt to attract, secure, and retain qualified personnel for all professional positions. The selection program will be based upon finding candidates who will devote themselves to the education and welfare of the children attending the public schools. Consideration will be given to professional preparation and educational achievement, prior professional experience, general cultural background, character and the district’s need. The Board is committed to recruiting and hiring highly qualified candidates while striving to develop a diverse work force.

The school district wants teachers who understand and like children and young people, know how to teach, know the content of the curriculum, are emotionally mature, and have potential for professional growth. Therefore, careful attention shall be paid to the selection, orientation, and in-service improvement of staff members.

Recruiting procedures shall aim at identifying the best possible candidates from a wide variety of sources, including present staff. Any current employee of the district may apply for any position for which the employee meets certification and other stated requirements.

The Board adheres to the practice of recruiting and hiring personnel without regard to race, sex, age, national origin, religion, martial status or disability.
It will be the duty of the Superintendent of Schools to see that persons nominated for employment in the schools meet all certification requirements and the requirements of the Board for the type of position for which the nomination is made.

While the Board may accept or reject a nomination, an appointment will be valid only if made with the recommendation of the Superintendent. In the case of a rejection, it is the duty of the Superintendent to make another nomination. No person shall be considered employed until a resolution to that effect has been approved by the Board and a contract executed by the employee.

Ref: Education Law §§913; 1604; 2509; 3012
8 NYCRR §100.3

Adopted: February 26, 1996