Board of Education Policy 9215.1: Support Staff Positions

All support staff positions in the school district will be established by the Board of Education.

In each case, the Board will approve the broad purpose and function of the position in accordance with state laws and regulations, approve a statement of job requirements as recommended by the Superintendent of Schools, and delegate to the Superintendent the task of writing, or causing to be written, a job description for the position, subject to Board approval.

The Superintendent will maintain a comprehensive, coordinated set of job descriptions, which set forth clear-cut responsibilities for all positions.
Upon final Board action, the Superintendent shall refer all proposals for the creation or reclassification of positions, to the municipal civil service commission having jurisdiction for classification.

All support staff shall meet all qualifications for their respective positions as determined by the Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools, and as stated by their respective job desc1iptions (including physical examinations).

Ref: Civil Service Law §§35; 42-44
New York State Constitution, Article V, §6

Adopted: February 26, 1996