Board of Education Policy 9000: Personnel Policies Goals

The Board of Education recognizes that a dynamic and efficient staff dedicated to education is necessary to maintain a constantly improving educational program. The Board is interested in its personnel as individuals, and it recognizes its responsibility for promoting the general welfare of the staff.

The Board’s specific personnel goals are:

  • to develop and implement those strategies and procedures for personnel recruitment, screening and selection which will result in employing the best available candidates, i.e., those with highest capabilities, strongest commitment to quality education, and greatest probability of effectively implementing the district’s learning program;
  • to provide staff compensation and benefits programs sufficient to attract and retain qualified employees;
  • to provide staff development programs for all employees which foster improved performance for the benefit of students;
  • to conduct an employee appraisal program that will contribute to the continuous improvement of staff capabilities and the learning program;
  • to assign personnel to ensure effective staff utilization; and
  • to develop the quality of community, parent, students and staff relationships necessary to obtain maximum staff performance and satisfaction.

Adopted: February 26, 1996