Board of Education Policy 8611: Printing and Duplicating

To the extent possible, the district will provide printing services to school buildings and school-related organizations. Printing and duplicating facilities are only for school district related purposes. The district’s administrative staff shall develop regulations that prescribe guidelines and procedures for print shop and copy machine use, including limits on copies made for specific purposes.

School print shop operations may be made available to school-related organizations and activities as time permits in accordance with guidelines established by the administration, provided the printed products advance the purposes of the schools. Newsletters of school-related organizations may be printed for no charge. Printing requests from school-related or community organizations for other products that are closely related to school programs may be printed for the cost of materials only.

In cases of school-related organizations whose printing requests generally benefit students, the administration may authorize printing of such products for the cost of labor and materials.

The administration shall keep the Board informed of the current guidelines and fee schedules.

Adopted: February 26, 1996