Board of Education Policy 8520: Free and Reduced Price Food Services

The Board of Education recognizes that the nutrition of district students is an important factor in their educational progress. The Board therefore shall participate in federally funded school lunch programs, and shall provide free or reduced price food services to qualified district students. The Board shall also provide mandated school breakfast programs.

1. Eligibility Determination

Each Building Principal shall make final determinations as to which children in attendance at their school are eligible to receive such services.

2. Standards of Eligibility

Any child who is a member of a family unit whose income is below the New York State Minimum Scale for family units of the same number shall be eligible to receive such services.

3. Application Procedures

Application forms will be available in the main office of each school building and should be returned to the Building Principal.

4. Provision for Anonymity

Upon approval of the application for free food services, the Building Principal or school nurse-teacher will introduce the recipient to the cashier, who will visually acknowledge the student thereafter. All reasonable eff01t will be extended in protecting the anonymity of the student in accordance with federal regulations governing such programs.

5. Provision for Appeal

Upon written request, the Assistant Superintendent for Business will hear appeals regarding eligibility for such services.

Ref: National School Lunch Act of 1946, as amended (42 USC 1751-1760)
Child Nutrition Act of 1966, Public Law 89-642, 80 Stat. 885, as

Adopted: February 26, 1996