Board of Education Policy 8414.1: Bus Driver Qualifications and Training

Only employees who have a currently valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) and who have complied with the regulations of the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Commissioner of Education may drive pupils to and from home on regularly scheduled routes. No other person may operate a school bus on a scheduled route for the purpose of transporting pupils to and from home.

None other than the above-mentioned persons may drive a school owned vehicle having a pupil capacity greater than 15 passengers. School vehicles having capacity of fewer than 15 passengers may be operated without a C.D.L. and be driven by employees hired as bus drivers as well as certified members of the instructional staff. The latter, however, may not drive on regularly scheduled routes and must drive fewer than 30 days per year. Certified staff members transporting students in school-owned vehicles must also comply with any other applicable requirements of the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Commissioner of Education.

To ensure the adequate and effective training of bus drivers, no person shall be allowed to operate a school bus without first receiving all training under the direct supervision of a Department-approved school bus driving instructor. While a trainee engages in pre-service training, which takes place prior to a driver transporting children, no direct supervision is mandated; however, all trainees must be approved by the Department instructor.

The Board also recognizes the importance of the contact time and relationships between bus drivers and students. In regard to this, opportunities for in-service programs for staff concerning child abuse, student behavior management and child neglect danger signs will be extended to include the bus driving staff.

Ref: Education Law Section 3624

Vehicle and Traffic Law, Article 19-A

Adopted: February 26, 1996