Board of Education Policy 8100: Safety Program

The Board of Education recognizes that the safety of students, employees and the public is paramount in all school operations. All persons are expected to comply with safety regulations. Unsafe conditions observed by an employee should be reported to the administration and corrected promptly.

The Board directs the Superintendent of Schools to appoint a safety designee to supervise and implement the district’s safety program. The focus of their program shall be:

1. accidents and incidents;

2. inspection of buildings and grounds;

3. inspection of district vehicles;

4. establishment of loss control procedures;

5. implementation of insurer recommendations;

6. review of safety programs in all areas of school operations; and

7. providing employees with safety information.

All employees are responsible for safety and are expected to file safety and health hazard reports with the safety designee or the Building Principal where ever hazards on the job encountered.

The Board shall receive periodic safety reports and notice of any significant hazard that has been reported. The Superintendent is responsible for the filing of mandated state and federal safety reports.

Adopted: February 26, 1996