Board of Education Policy 7130: Educational Specifications

Where a proposed construction project involves all or a portion of a building where instruction takes place, the Superintendent of Schools will prepare educational specifications for the project. These specifications may be prepared with the assistance of the professional staff and the advice of outside consultants.

Upon completion, the specifications will be presented to the Board of Education for its approval and, upon acceptance, they will be furnished to the architect for use in preparing and drafting plans.

Educational specifications should take the following into consideration:

1. applicable information on school organization and estimated enrollment;

2. description of proposed curriculum and teaching methods and techniques to be used;

3. space requirements, including a desired layout of special areas and equipment for such areas; and

4. any references to standard codes and regulations which may affect planning.

These specifications should identify the nature of the educational programs to be served by the new construction, the desired relationships among the various major areas of the building, the design objectives and the various facilities required.

Adopted: February 26, 1996