Board of Education Policy 6900: Disposal of District Property

Building administrators and support staff supervisors are responsible for identifying obsolete or surplus equipment and supplies within their area(s) of responsibility. Each year, a determination shall be made of which equipment, supplies or materials are obsolete and cannot be salvaged or utilized effectively or economically by the school district.  Such equipment, supplies, or materials shall be sold through bid procedures, if possible, for the highest possible price.  All items considered for donation must first be offered for sale.

Following approval by the Board of Education, the Assistant Superintendent for Business shall be authorized to dispose of obsolete or surplus equipment and supplies in the following manner:

1. Offer items for sale to local municipalities or local non-profit organizations;

2. Sell items at a public sale; and finally

3. Sell remaining items as scrap for the best obtainable amount or donate or discard in the safest, least expensive manner.

In the event of a public sale, notice of availability of such equipment, supplies and materials and requests for bids shall be disseminated through announcements in local newspapers and such other appropriate means.  The general public, as well as staff members who are not Board members, officers, or involved in the purchasing function, shall be eligible to bid on the equipment, supplies and/or materials.

Instructional equipment obtained through federal or state grants must be disposed of in accordance with federal and state regulations governing such disposal.

All transactions shall be reported to the Board of Educ

Adopted:  February 26, 1996