Board of Education Policy 6113: Dissemination of Budget Information

The Board of Education has both the authority and responsibility to inform the people of the community about the proposed budget and may use district funds to do so.

The Superintendent of Schools shall make copies of the proposed budget available to the public in each district school building not less than fourteen days (other than Saturday, Sunday and school holidays) prior to the budget vote. Seven to fourteen days prior to the budget vote, the board shall hold an annual budget hearing at which it shall present a detailed budget statement for the next school year and an explanation of any propositions.

During the budget process, a summary of budget recommendations may be presented to the public through news releases to the media, public forums, the district newsletter and website, and the postcard notice required by state law.

District funds may not be expended to promote either a favorable or negative position on the proposed school budget or any associated propositions, or to ask for a “yes” or “no” vote.

Adopted: February 26, 1996
Amended: December 15, 2008

Cross ref: Policy 1050 Annual District Election and Budget Vote