Board of Education Policy 5423: Learning Disabilities

Procedures for the early identification and resolution of student disabilities affecting learning shall be designed to ensure that teachers, administrators, and pupil service personnel work with parents in a combined effort to identify and deal effectively with chronic or acute learning problems at their earliest stages. The purpose shall be to intervene early in order to resolve problematic behavior and to provide appropriate services before the problems seriously affect a pupil’s or his classmates ability to learn.

Discipline Policy for Students with Disabilities

As discussed in Policy 5310, students with disabilities should not be disciplined if their inability to conform to the school’s code of conduct is due to their disability. If there is a question as to where a student’s behavior is related to that disability, the case should be referred by the Building Principal to the Committee on Special Education (CSE). The CSE will determine an appropriate course of action if the conduct is deemed to be based upon the student’s disability. This may include modification of program, counseling or disciplinary action, or a change of placement if appropriate.

If the behavior of the student might endanger the health and safety of the student or others, the district will follow the procedures give in 5315.3-R, Student Suspension Regulation, and will involve the CSE Chair if suspension is considered.

Adopted: February 26, 1996