Board of Education Policy 4532: School Volunteers

The Board of Education recognizes that the use of volunteers strengthens school/community relations through positive participation, builds an understanding of school programs among interested citizens, and assists employees in providing more individualization and enrichment opportunities in instruction.

Services of volunteers may be accepted by the Board, the Superintendent of Schools, central office administrators, Building Principals or other persons designated by the Board or the Superintendent to handle this responsibility.

Volunteers may come from all backgrounds and age groups and may include any persons willing to give their time for the purpose of helping children through planned auxiliary services. Volunteers may be involved in many facets of school operations, from mentor/tutor relationships to clerical tasks. School personnel who are responsible for tasks for projects that will make use of volunteers will identify appropriate tasks and time schedules for such activities, as well as make provisions for adequate supervision, inservice programs, and evaluation. Volunteers will not be used to provide transportation for school-sponsored activities.

Adopted: February 26, 1996