Board of Education Policy 4328: Alternative Educational Programs

The district may offer alternative school programs for students who do not need special education services but who nevertheless have special needs which cannot be adequately addressed within the regular high school program.

The alternative program shall include opportunities for students requiring various approaches to learning, and shall provide students with opportunities to participate in developing their own individualized educational programs.

Students shall be referred to this program by guidance counselors, psychologists or administrators. Interested students will be required to visit the program accompanied by a parent and guidance counselor, and then to apply for admission through the Building Principal.

No student will be assigned to the alternative school program as punishment for disciplinary infractions. However, the Principal may recommend that a student be assigned to the program if, in the Principal’s judgment, the student’s conduct raises a question as to the student’s ability to benefit from the regular school program and the student would benefit from the alternative program.

A student in the alternative school program may return to the regular programs when the student and the program staff agree that the student is ready to do do.

Adopted: February 26, 1996
Amended: September 16, 1996