Board of Education Policy 4320.2: Fine Arts Program

A comprehensive fine arts program consisting of music and art courses is offered to meet the varying needs of our students. Students may fulfill the high school Regents requirements by selecting from a variety of fine arts courses. One unit of fine arts is required to meet minimum requirements and three units are required for a Regents sequence in fine arts.

The general objective of the school district music program is the aesthetic and performing education of its students in and through music. It shall be the responsibility of the music department and school district administration to determine which type of music is selected for the music curriculum. The selection of music of all types shall be in accordance with published administrative guidelines, available to all staff and public at each school site.

The objective of the visual arts program is to provide a setting in which every student has the opportunity to regularly express and exercise the student’s innate creative abilities and sensitivities.

The Niskayuna student, as a result of the art experience, will demonstrate a mastery of skills and technology, knowledge and creativity essential to the production of original works of art in a variety of media as well as the history and cultural contribution to the visual arts.

A fine arts program will be offered to all students as part of the K-12 curricular offerings.

Adopted: February 26, 1996