Board of Education Policy 4300: Curriculum

The subject area in which instruction must be offered at the elementary and secondary level and the minimum units of study required in each of these areas for graduation are specified by the Education Law and the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. School boards are required, however, to prescribe the course of study by which the pupils shall be graded and classified. The general courses offered in the schools may exceed state minimum requirements, provided these new course requirements are not arbitrary, capricious or unreasonable, and do not supplant the state mandated minimum units of study.

The Board of Education charges the Superintendent of Schools with the responsibility for seeing that appropriate standards are established for the various grade levels and for the courses offered by the district. The Superintendent is expected to encourage members of the staff to visit comparable school districts and establish contacts with various colleges and employers to ensure that an appropriate curriculum has been developed and that our graduates are well prepared for their future studies or pursuits.

The basic instructional program shall include the courses required by the state and such additional courses as are deemed necessary by the Board to meet the needs of the students and the aspirations of the community.

Ref: Education Law §§1709(3); 1711(5); 801 et seq.
8 NYCRR §§100.1 et seq.

Adopted: February 26, 1996