The Superintendent of Schools, as chief executive officer of the district, will have the specific responsibility, powers and duties discussed below and will be directly responsible to the Board of Education for their proper exercise.

Attendance at Meetings

The Superintendent or designee shall attend all meetings of the Board with the exception of executive sessions devoted to the preparation of the Superintendent’s annual performance evaluation.

Employment of Staff

The Superintendent shall nominate employees for appointment, promotion, and transfer, and shall make recommendations to the Board regarding salary and tenure of all employees. The Superintendent may temporarily suspend any employee for cause and shall promptly report such suspension to the members of the Board.

Recruitment of Staff

The Superintendent is responsible for the recruitment of qualified professional, civil service, and non-certified personnel. The Superintendent shall develop procedures for the selection of staff members; shall establish standards for teacher selection; and shall provide a framework for continuing in-service training of all professional staff members. The Superintendent may authorize the payment of part or all of the expenses of candidates for administrative and teaching positions if the candidates are asked to come to the district for visits or interviews.

All individuals employed by the district are responsible directly or indirectly tot he Superintendent. The Superintendent has ultimate responsibility for the action of all subordinates.

Supervision of Instruction

The Superintendent shall recommend to the Board the course of study to be offered in the school and the textbooks to be used, and shall have responsibility for the supervision of instruction. The Superintendent shall bring to the school, in a leadership capacity, the best in educational thought and practice. The Superintendent shall, on a continuing basis, review and update the educational program of the school, and keep the Board informed of all significant changes in curriculum.

Supervision and Evaluation of Staff

The Superintendent shall be responsible for the supervision and evaluation of all staff members.

Student Activities

The Superintendent or designee shall require that all student activities be properly conducted and supervised.

Supervision of Building and Grounds

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for the supervision of the buildings and grounds; shall be responsible for the proper operation of the plant and all facilities; and shall develop plans and make recommendations to the Board on the maintenance, alteration, repair and improvement of the building and other facilities.

Annual Budget

The Superintendent shall prepare and present to the Board a preliminary annual budget in accordance with a schedule established with the Board. After adoption by the Board, the Superintendent shall mail a summary of the Board’s proposed annual budget to all district residents.


The Superintendent shall be responsible for seeing that the budget, as adopted by the Board and approved at the annual meeting, is properly administered. The Superintendent shall have the authority to approve and direct all purchases and expenditures. The Superintendent shall be responsible for ensuring that regular reports are made to the Board on the status of the budget.

Supervision of Supplies and Materials

The Superintendent or designee shall see that all necessary bookkeeping and accounting records are maintained by the district.

Laws and Regulations of the State Education Department

The Superintendent shall enforce all laws and regulations that affect the school district.

Relations with the Board

The Superintendent shall serve as a resource person and advisor for the Board. The Superintendent shall provide the Board with reports and recommendations regarding all operations of the school and school district.


The Superintendent shall in conjunction with the board or designated negotiatorr(s) advise the Board in all collective bargaining matters.

Public Relations

The Superintendent shall supervise the public relations activities of the district. The Superintendent shall keep the community informed about school matters and shall act as a consultant to the community to improve educational opportunities for both children and adults.

Ref: Education Law §§1604(8); 1711; 1804

Adopted: February 26, 1996