A set of minutes shall be maintained by the District Clerk to provide a record of all formal actions taken by the Board of Education. The minutes shall include a record of the final vote of each member of the Board on every proceeding in which the member votes.

Minutes of open meetings shall include a record or summary of all motions, proposals, resolutions and any other matters formally voted upon. If a Board member is not present at the opening of a meeting, the subsequent arrival time of the member should be indicated in the minutes.

Minutes of executive sessions need only reflect those matters where some action is properly taken, such as, matters pertaining to a child with a disability or the discipline of a tenured teacher.

Minutes of open meetings shall be available to the public within two weeks of the meeting. Minutes of executive sessions at which some action is taken by formal vote shall be available within one week of the executive session but need not include any matter which is not required to be made public by the Freedom of Information Law.

A draft of the minutes of each meeting should generally be distributed to Board members with the agenda for the next Board meeting. Once minutes are approved by the Board, they become public records.

Ref: Open Meetings Law, Public Officers Law § 106
Freedom of Information Law, Public Officers Law § 87
Education Law § 2121
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Adopted: February 26, 1996