District Clerk

The Board of Education shall annually appoint a District Clerk. The District Clerk shall perform the duties and have the powers prescribed by law:

1. to make, keep, and distribute accurate minutes of all meetings of the Board;
2. to be responsible for the publication of legal notices;
3. to give public notice of Annual Meetings, Special District Meetings, etc.;
4. to file all records, books and papers belonging to the office;
5. to file the constitutional oaths of office;
6. to sign all legal documents requiring the signature of the District Clerk; and,
7. to publish as required by law, policy or Board direction, notices concerning district business; and discharge any other duties listed in Education Law or other state or federal law.

District Treasurer

The Board of Education shall also annually appoint a District Treasurer and may appoint one or more Deputy Treasurers. The District Treasurer shall perform the duties imposed upon the office by statute or law:

1. to meet the bonding requirements established by the Board and the state before entering upon the duties of the position;
2. to report, at least monthly, to the Board the state of all accounts;
3. to act as official custodian of all district funds;
4. to sign checks, upon authorization by the Board or the Internal Claims Auditor;
5. to serve as custodian of all monies belonging to the district from whatever source derived;
6. to receive from the school tax collectors all monies collected under the annual tax warrant;
7. to receive from the state of New York all public monies apportioned to the district; disburse monies upon the receipt of a signed warrant or a duly
certified payroll;
8. to maintain accounting records for all funds and prepare the following reports: monthly reports on each fund after checking bank statements and making necessary reconciliations, annual financial report, such other reports as the Board may require; and,
9. to cause the publication of the Annual Financial Report.

Officers Authorized to Sign Checks

Checks are normally signed by the District Treasurer and an officer designated by the Board. In accordance with Section 1720 of the Education Law, the Board may appoint a Deputy Treasurer who may sign for either of these individuals. The Board may also appoint another Deputy Treasurer as the officer designated to sign district checks. Under these circumstances, any one of the three designated officers may sign such checks.

Facsimile signatures may be used by the District Treasurer and other officers authorized to sign district checks.

District Tax Collector
The Board shall annually appoint a District Tax Collector for the Town of Clifton Park. The District Tax Collector shall perform duties prescribed by law:

1. to meet the bonding requirements established by the Board and the state before entering upon the duties of the position;
2. to compute and prepare the tax bills;
3. to collect tax monies on the warrant upon giving proper notice; and
4. to prepare and return to the Board a list of unpaid taxes

Internal Claims Auditor

The Board shall annually appoint an Internal Claims Auditor. The Internal Claims Auditor shall meet the bonding requirements established by the Board and the state before entering upon the duties of the position and shall ascertain that at least the following tests have been performed prior to releasing claims for payment:

1. to prove the· mathematical accuracy of all computations;
2. to determine that the charges are not duplicates of items already paid;
3. to compare the voucher with the Purchase Office;
4. to determine that the voucher is properly itemized;
5. to determine that the official who initiated the claim has indicated approval; and,
6. to determine that a voucher is accompanied by a receipt from the employee
who actually received the item.

The Board may appoint, fix the term, and fix the compensation of such officials as may be necessary for its proper functioning.

The District Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer(s), Tax Collector, Internal Claims Auditor and any other officer authorized to sign district checks shall file a bond for the faithful performance for the duties of the office, with sufficient security, approved by the Board in such amount as may be determined by a duly adopted resolution of the Board. The premium for such bond shall be paid by the district.

Ref: Education Law §§902; 1709; 2121; 2122; 2130

Adopted: February 26, 1996