The organizational meeting of the Board of Education shall be held on the first Tuesday in July unless the Board by resolution schedules the meeting on some other day during the first 15 days of July.

The District Clerk, or in the absence of the District Clerk, the ranking officer, shall open the meeting, give the oath to new members, and conduct the election of the President, who will take over the meeting upon election. The Board will then elect a Vice-President. These officials shall also take the constitutional oath of office.

Fore election to all offices, a nominee must receive a majority vote of the total Board membership. Officers will serve for a term of one year or until their successors are elected.

The order of business for the organizational meeting shall include the following items:

I. Appointment of Officers

The Board shall appoint the following officials:

*District Treasurer
*Clerk of the Board
Internal Claims Auditor
Deputy Treasurer
*Tax Collector

II. Other Appointments

School Physician
School Attorney
Census Enumerator
Attendance Officer
School Dentist
Insurance Consultant
*District Auditor
*Records Access Officer
*Asbestos Designee
*Purchasing Agent
*Records Management Officer
*Certifier of Payroll
*Central Treasurer, Extraclassroom Activities Account
*Title IX and Section 504 Hearing Officers

*Appointed positions required by Education Law and/or Commissioner’s Regulations

III. Bonding of Personnel

The Board shall bond the following personnel handling district funds:

Tax Collector
Internal Claims Auditor
District Treasurer
Deputy Treasurer(s)

The Board shall, in each instance, specify the amount of the bond it intends to obtain. The individuals authorized to sign district checks shall be bonded in the same amount and manner as the District Treasurer.

IV. Designations

The Board shall designate:

Official depositories for district funds
Official district newspapers

V. Authorizations

The Board shall take action on authorizations

1. of attendance at conferences, conventions, workshops;
2. to establish petty cash funds
3. authorization of facsimile signatures on district checks
4. of Superintendent of Schools to approve budget transfers
5. of Superintendents to accept resignations and fill vacancies during July and August

VI. Other Items

The Board may designate the time and place of the regular monthly meetings and may conduct any other business designated on the agenda for the meeting.

Ref: Education Law §§17047; 1804(4); 2130

Adopted: February 26, 1996