Billboards designed by Niskayuna students to be showcased on Consaul Road

Middle and high school health classes are doing their part to raise awareness about topics kids their age could be effected by.

A contest sponsored by the Niskayuna Community Action Program (N-CAP), challenged students to develop billboards that make young people think about their choices. Participating high school students were tasked with addressing the topic of marijuana and the middle school students were assigned the topic of underage drinking. Using guidelines from their teachers, the students had to come up with an image and a slogan using ten words or less.

The idea of the contest was that students are in a good position to know what messages might resonate with their peers when it comes to these important issues. Plus, it celebrates their talent and creativity.

The winners were chosen by committees, which were comprised of law enforcement officials, a faculty member, a media representative, a student, and an N-CAP representative.

The two first place winners, one from the middle school and one from the high school, will have their billboards showcased along Consaul Road for four weeks this spring. All of the designs will be turned into posters that will be showcased around the high school and middle schools and stickers that will be passed out to students around prom and graduation time.

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