FAQs – Gray Cards

Q: Do I need an updated physical to participate in a winter sport?
A: Yes! You must have a current physical on file in the nurse’s office. If it is dated before November 2018, you need a new physical.

Q: Where do I get a gray card?
A: You can pick up a gray card at the nurse’s office. Your coach may also have gray cards.

Q: Do both sides of the gray card need to be completed?
A: Yes! Make sure your parent/guardian fills in all questions and signs and initials all required areas.

Q: Is there a date the gray card should NOT be dated?
A: Yes! Do NOT date the gray card BEFORE October 11 for high school sports or October 18 for modified sports or else it will be returned to you.

Q: When and where can a gray card be turned in?
A: Drop off your gray card to the school nurse BEFORE the first day of practice: November 11 for high school sports or November 18 for modified sports.

Please do not wait until the last day to turn in your gray card!