Artist(s) of the Month: January 2023

The Niskayuna CSD Art Department will highlight amazing Nisky artists in new Artists of the Month (AOTM) series. Artists chosen each month embody our district’s mission to empower, persevere, innovate and connect.

Jameson Musson
5th Grade
Craig Elementary School
Art Teacher: Ms. Dudla
District Mission Connection(s): Persevere and Innovate

Photo that says Niskayuna Artist of the month James Musson 5th grade Craig Elementary School

About Jameson: “I can count on Jameson to burst into the art room every week excited to show a new idea or sculpture technique he’s discovered. He is also the first student to raise his hand after a project intro and ask, ‘Could I try doing it this way instead?’. He is constantly thinking outside of the box, teaching himself new skills, and persevering through trial and error to execute his unique visions. Jameson is a student that I as an art teacher am always learning from. – Ms. Dudla

Student Voice: “My idea space is a giant mountain with a secret bookshelf, an escape ladder, and beautiful scenery with trees and a waterfall going down. I like art because you get to build awesome things like this.” – Jameson