Art & Design, World Language Departments look to the future

Teams from the Art & Design and World Language departments spent the past year reflecting on their curriculum and programs and identifying potential future advancements. The work was part of a district Program Review

Process that was established in 2016 to ensure each department regularly examines its curriculum and offerings to meet student needs and prepare them for a changing world.

Highlighted recommendations from the World Language program review include:

  • Beginning an elementary world language program;
  • Initiating a full year of world language study in grade 6; and
  • Exploring the potential for a world language graduation pathway at the high school.

Highlighted recommendations from the Department of Art & Design’s program review include:

  • Updating the curriculum based on new learning standards, including in the media arts;
  • Providing an 8th grade Studio in Art option; and
  • Adding a high school animation course.

The recommendations may be included in the program vision that helps inform the program delivery study and capital project. They may also factor into future district budget planning.

The findings drive ongoing department plans for curriculum and professional development. Departments are going through the program review process on a staggered schedule.