Math Acceleration at the Elementary Level Information Sheet

The opportunity for placement in accelerated math begins in fourth grade. Typically, accelerated math placement is based on student scores on the NYS math assessment (level 4), NWEA MAP data ( >90%), and the previous year’s teacher recommendation. This may include the teacher’s assessment of the student’s effort, homework completion, class participation, ability to follow directions, and other test results.

The factors cited above are taken into consideration when decisions about accelerated placement are made. Throughout fourth and fifth grade, teachers monitor students to ensure they are appropriately placed. Movement between levels usually happens when students move grades; however, movement (into or out of accelerated math) can happen during the school year if it is appropriate and in the best interest of the student. All students are reviewed for acceleration between the summer of 5th and 6th grade. If the school is recommending movement between levels, parents/guardians will be contacted before any movement takes place.

Below is an outline of the content that is covered in each year of the accelerated math program:

  • 4th grade (1st year of acceleration): Instruction is focused on the NYS 4th grade math standards and part of the 5th grade learning standards. In May, students take the NYS 4th grade math assessment.
  • 5th grade: Instruction covers the remainder of the 5th grade standards and the beginning of 6th grade standards. In May, students take the NYS 5th grade math assessment.
  • 6th grade: Students complete the remaining material from the 6th grade standards and start 7th grade standards. In May, students take the NYS 6th grade math assessment.
  • 7th grade: Students complete the remaining material from the 7th grade standards and complete the 8th grade standards. In May, students take the NYS 7th grade math assessment.
  • 8th grade (1st year of full acceleration): Students complete material from the Algebra 1 standards. In June, students take the Algebra 1 common core regents exam. Students are exempt from the NYS 8th grade math assessment.

If your child is not placed in an accelerated math class in grades 4-6, there are opportunities to complete a level change during the summer between 6th and 7th grade or 7th and 8th grade.

  • Additionally, after students have completed the 8th grade curriculum, they can apply for the Credit by Exam process to complete Algebra 1 or Geometry in the summer in order to move to the accelerated levels.
  • Students have also taken a Precalculus course at a local college during the summer after their junior year to be able to take Calculus during their senior year.

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