High School Videoconference Schedule – Effective April 27, 2020

Beginning with Virtual Learning Session #4 starting April 27, videoconferences for high school students that are taking place will be scheduled at designated times based on subject area. This was developed by the Instructional Planning Team after high school students asked for help avoiding scheduling conflicts.

Important note: This does not mean that courses will necessarily be meeting at these times. It provides designed times for meetings to occur in order to limit conflicts. The district’s remote learning philosophy continues to promote using a variety of methods and resources for learning.







8:45 – 11:45 a.m. ELA Science & Engineering Tech Art : 8:45-9:15

Music: 9:15-9:45

Business:  9:45-10:15

FACS: 10:15-10:45

PE/Health:  10:45-11:15

World Language: 11:15-11:45

Math Social Studies
11:45 a.m. – 2:45 p.m. Math Social Studies ELA Science & Engineering Tech Art : 11:45-12:15

Music: 12:15-12:45

Business:  12:45-1:15

FACS: 1:15-1:30

PE/Health:  1:30-1:45

World Language: 1:45-2:15




Students who take more than one elective class in a department may still have conflicts but if department teachers communicate and share time, it will help.