Our Stance Against Sexual Harassment

The Niskayuna Board of Education has a policy prohibiting sexual harassment in the Niskayuna Central School District. Sexual harassment is generally defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

Any student, employee or school district officer who believes sexual harassment has occurred should report the alleged misconduct immediately so that corrective action may be taken as necessary. Students or parents should report any alleged misconduct to the Title VII/Title IX Officer (Director of Student and Staff Support Services Deborah Marriott) at 377-4666, ext. 50740, or the building principals. The District recognizes that sexual harassment is a sensitive issue and that students may choose to inform any trusted staff member of suspected discrimination or harassment.

The School District will act to promptly, thoroughly, and equitably investigate all complaints, whether verbal or written, of sexual harassment and will promptly take appropriate action to protect individuals from further sexual harassment. All such complaints will be handled in a manner consistent with the District’s policies, procedures, and/or regulations regarding the investigation of discrimination and harassment complaints.

The sexual harassment policy and guidelines are available in school offices or through Title VII/Title IX Officer (Chief Equity Officer Latisha Barnett) at 377-4666, ext. 50741 or lbarnett@niskyschools.org.

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