2020 Exam Schedule Letter

Dear VA Parent/Guardian,

Beginning in late March, students are required to take a number of state and local exams at the middle level. Please mark your calendar with the dates found on the reverse. They represent some of the major testing dates coming up but are not inclusive of every classroom-based assessment.

The NWEA and state exams are meant as one indicator of student progress and achievement. They provide valuable information about student skills and the degree to which they are meeting learning standards. This is useful in planning, progress monitoring and deciding how to provide academic support.

While we work to make the days leading up to testing and testing environment itself as comfortable as possible for students, it is important that we have students in school and on time during testing. We begin state exams at the start of the school day. Please help to ensure we have students in the building and ready to begin as scheduled.

All students in grades 6-8 take the NYS Exam in English Language Arts and the NYS Exam in Mathematics. The NYS Exam in Science is for grade 8 students only. The Algebra I and Geometry Regents exams are for students in grade 8 accelerated math only and will include specific instructions for how those students will get to the high school. Our local NWEA exams and state science practical are administered over 1-2 class periods during the listed window of time.

The foreign language proficiency exam is administered to grade 8 students taking Spanish or French. It is a locally developed exam that meets the requirement for checkpoint A learning standards in “languages other than English” (LOTE) in New York State. As such, taking two years of foreign language (grades 7 & 8) and passing the proficiency provides students one credit towards a regents diploma. The exam has a speaking and written component and will be administered at a date to-be-determined in June.

Please direct any questions about assessment to me at 370-1243 or lrakoczy@niskyschools.org. We respectfully ask that you do this a minimum of several days in advance of the actual exam.


Luke Rakoczy
Van Antwerp MS

Exams 2020

  • NYS Exam in English-Language Arts- Grades 6-8: March 26 & 27
  • NYS Exam in Mathematics- Grades 6-8: April 22-23
  • NYS Exam in Science- Grade 8 Only: Practical Test: May 20-22 /Written Test: June 1
  • NWEA Testing in Reading and Math-Grades 6-8: May 11-15 (Exact Dates T.B.D.)
  • Foreign Language Proficiency-Grade 8 Only- Speaking Proficiency: Date T.B.D. /Written: June date T.B.D.
  • Algebra I Regents Exam: Grade 8 Accelerated Math Only: June 18- 12:00 p.m.
  • Geometry Regents Exam: Double-Accelerated Math Only: June 24- 8:00 a.m.

Additional Information Regarding Testing

The full schedule of grades 3-8 assessments from the New York State Education Department: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/assessment/schedules/2020/ei-testingschedule-20rev2.pdf

The full schedule of June Regents exams from the New York State Education Department: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/assessment/schedules/2020/504-620.pdf

Frequently asked questions regarding languages other than English (LOTE): http://www.nysed.gov/common/nysed/files/programs/world-languages/lote-faq-11_1_18-a.pdf