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December 6 Capital Project Vote

Photos of Select Areas that would be Addressed

Van Antwerp Roof & Masonry Repairs

The heavily-patched Van Antwerp roof leaks regularly when it rains. The project calls for all but one section of the roof to be replaced and for masonry repairs in areas where they are needed.

picture of the Van Antwerp roof Van Antwerp masonry deterioration

picture of the Van Antwerp roof picture of the Van Antwerp roof


Birchwood Roof

The Birchwood roof also contains many patches and water collects in certain areas.

picture of the Birchwood roof  picture of the Birchwood roof


Electrical Panels

If the proposal is approved, electrical panels, including some originals, at seven schools would be replaced. Glencliff is shown below on the left and Van Antwerp is on the right.

picture of Glencliff electrical panels


Craig Hallway Tiles

Aging asbestos tiles in the Craig hallway are deteriorating, and present a tripping hazard in places. New flooring would be installed in select areas in the summer of 2018.

picture of the Craig Hallway tiles


Bus Garage Roof Structure Repairs

Supports in the roof structure will be added in select areas where they are needed.

bus garage ceiling


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