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August 30, 2016 –Announcement from Niskayuna Board of Education


Board Seeks Community Members for Audit Committee

The Niskayuna Central School District Board of Education is seeking two community members to serve on the Audit Committee to assist in fulfilling the mission of providing oversight of the internal and external audit functions of the District. Applications are due by September 19, 2016.

Audit Committee Charter: Membership Composition & Requisite Skills

Under New York State Education Law, Boards of Education are required to adopt a charter creating a board Audit Committee. The Niskayuna school board adopted its charter in 2006, creating an Audit Committee consisting of three Board members. The Board amended the charter on June 10, 2014 to include two non-board members. The Audit Committee members collectively should possess the knowledge in accounting, auditing, financial reporting and school district finances needed to understand and evaluate the school district's financial statements, internal controls, the external audit and the internal audit activities. A copy of the charter is provided at this link.

The Board also adopted Policy 5572 "Audit Committee" on June 24, 2014.

Duties of Audit Committee

The responsibilities of the Audit Committee include the following:

a) Provide recommendations regarding the appointment of the external auditor;

b) Meet with the external auditor prior to commencement of the audit;

c) Review and discuss with the external auditor any risk assessment developed as part of the auditor's responsibilities under governmental auditing standards for a financial statement audit and federal single audit standards as applicable;

d) Receive and review the draft audited financial statements and draft management letter, and work directly with the independent external auditor to assist the Board of Education in interpreting such documents;

e) Make a recommendation to the Board on the acceptance of the annual audited financial statements and the audit report; and

f) Discuss and analyze every corrective action plan developed by the District in response to any audit, and assist the Board in its implementation.


The Audit Committee must meet a minimum of four times per year, with additional meetings scheduled as needed. Meetings are generally scheduled for Friday mornings at 8 a.m. at the District Office and are open to the public.

Applications - Deadline: September 19, 2016

Community members who are interested in serving on the Audit Committee should complete and submit the application found at this link by September 19, 2016. Applicants may also include a resume or C.V.

Applications may be emailed to Cynthia Gagnon, Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools, at with the subject line "Audit Committee Membership" or mailed by regular mail to:
                 Board Audit Committee c/o Cynthia Gagnon
                 Niskayuna Central School District
                 1239 Van Antwerp Road
                 Niskayuna, NY 12309