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August 19, 2015 

Tax rates for 2015-16 set at Board of Education's August meeting

The Board of Education set tax rates for 2015-16 for the four towns in the district at its meeting on August 18 based on the recently finalized municipal assessment levels. In three of the towns, the increase in the residential tax rate is within a fraction of this year's 0 percent change in the tax levy, and the rate in the fourth town is going down nearly 1 percent.


In Niskayuna, where the tax rate is increasing 0.09 percent, the owner of a home assessed at $250,000 will see their tax bill increase about $4. This is prior to savings from the state's School Tax Relief (STAR) or any other tax exemption or rebate.

The following rates are for residential property in each town, which will be reflected in the tax bills that will be mailed in the next few weeks. Tax rates are expressed as per $1,000 of assessed value.


2015-16 RESIDENTIAL Tax Rates 

Town 2015-16 Tax Rate
per $1,000
Increase (%) Tax bill change on a house assessed at $250,000
Niskayuna $18.63911 0.09% $4.03
Glenville $20.88093 0.17% $8.96
Colonie $29.88488 0.26% $19.29
Clifton Park $34.36967 -0.92% -$80.06


In May, voters approved a budget that called for no increase this year in the tax levy, or the total amount the district takes in from property owners. Although this overall amount is not increasing, the way it is divided up among the towns and their property owners is changing because of different assessment levels in each town in relation to full market value.


The state assigns each municipality an equalization rate in an effort to account for these different assessment levels. This process is designed to fairly apportion the total tax between the towns each year.

The district does not control assessment levels or equalization rates.

Tax bills will be mailed by September 1 and are due by September 30, 2015 without penalty.


Non-Homestead (Commercial) Tax Rates

Also expressed per $1,000 of assessed property value
• Niskayuna: $24.6867 (increase of 0.04%)
• Glenville: $27.3839 (increase of 0.50%)
• Colonie: $39.7800 (increase of 0.03%)
• Clifton Park: $44.9527 (decrease of 0.33%)