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An important message from the Niskayuna Central School District PTO Council

District seeks feedback on historical booklet

The story of Niskayuna Schools belongs to everyone in our community – and the district is looking for your help in how to tell it. Feedback is currently being sought on the recently produced 60th Anniversary Booklet to help shape the next issue of the publication.

The booklet will be available through October at all district schools, Town Hall, and the Town Library. It is available online right here as a PDF document.

All previous historical booklets and this historical booklet have included information and references that the committees who composed them thought were important. However, there may have been particular things that were left out – for space reasons or oversights – or there may be different perspectives that are important to reflect. The 60th Anniversary Committee is encouraging people in the school and the community to share their perspectives on the booklet in this regard.

All suggestions will be included in a file as a starting point for the next anniversary committee, which is likely to be producing a 70th or 75th anniversary booklet.

Please send feedback to Matt Leon, district communications specialist, at or by mail at Matt Leon, District Office, 1239 Van Antwerp Road, Niskayuna, NY 12309.

The district has produced historical booklets for its 30th, 40th, 50th, and now 60th anniversaries. The 72-page 60th anniversary features photos from throughout the district's six decades, along with historical write-ups of each school. The publication made its debut at the Niskayuna High School graduation ceremony on June 26.

Please pick one up today, and let us know what you think!