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Class Size Management Work Group outlines elementary school voluntary transfer option for 2014-15

Letters being sent to parents of students in classes approaching the district's class size target


July 29, 2014

Earlier this summer, a Class Size Management Work Group, comprised of parents and staff members, began exploring ideas for improving management and balancing of elementary class sizes across the district. While the primary charge to this group is to look for improvements to be implemented beginning with the 2015-16 school year, it has been discussing possible strategies to address elementary class size concerns for this September.

At its meeting on July 24, the group developed a voluntary transfer plan to provide parents of students in schools with class sizes at or above the district's class size target for that grade level the option to voluntarily transfer to an elementary school that has class sizes below the class size target. Letters are being mailed to parents of students in these particular schools and grade levels.

The goal of the effort is to provide families with an option to enroll their child in a class where there is available space, and to better balance class sizes across the district's five elementary schools.

Please see the end of this article for links to the letters that went out, listed by grade level and school.

The letters indicate which schools have remaining capacity in that grade level, and ask if the family is interested in a transfer. As space is limited, it may not be possible to place all families who volunteer. With the school year approaching, the district is asking families to indicate their interest in a voluntary transfer by Friday, August 8.

Students that enroll in another school as a result of this voluntary process will be considered a "permanent" member of that school community; that is where they will attend school in subsequent years. If space allows, siblings in another elementary school grade may also voluntarily transfer to the new school and be considered a "permanent' member of that school community.

The district is seeking to avoid additional transportation costs through this process, and is asking parents if they are able to provide transportation to the new school. In some cases, transportation may be available from the district if the transferring student can be accommodated on an existing bus route.

"I want to emphasize the sincerity of our district and Class Size Work Group in providing families options to help address class size issue issues," Interim Superintendent John Yagielski wrote in the letter. "We believe that reaching out to you with this information is an important step toward working together to rebuild trust and transparency in our school district community."


Voluntary Transfer Letters by School/Grade Level

Grade 1: Letter sent to parents of students at Birchwood, Craig, Glencliff and Hillside

Grade 2: Letter sent to parents of students at Craig and Glencliff

Grade 3: Letter sent to parents of students at Craig and Rosendale

Grade 4: Letter sent to parents of students at Birchwood and Glencliff

Grade 5: Letter sent to parents of students at Hillside

Letters are PDF files.