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June 26, 2014


Glencliff debuts new nature trail map and trail markers


picture of Glencliff trail map debut
From left, high school student artist who created the map with Mrs. Komp: Eileen Ofori, Nick Paquin, and Veronica Liu.

picture of Glencliff trail map debut

Students display the new trail markers.

Thanks to the work of three Niskayuna High School students and Glencliff art teacher Sheree Komp, students and visitors using the elementary school's newly improved nature trails will have no trouble finding their way. The school recently celebrated the completion of a new trail map, painted by the high school students, as well as matching trail markers completed by Glencliff students in the PTO's afterschool enrichment program.

The High School students who painted the 4' x 4' wood map are Veronica Liu, Eileen Ofori, and Nick Paquin, under the direction of Mrs. Komp.

The John F. Youngblood Wildlife Sanctuary on the school's grounds includes two trails, the Red Pine and the Buttonwood. The sanctuary is made up of several acres of forested land and a pond. It was dedicated in the early 1960s to Youngblood, who was president of the Board of Education at the time it centralized in 1953.

Over time, the trails became overgrown. However, in the last few years, an effort that grew out of the school's Shared Decision Making Committee focused on improving the sanctuary so that it could be more fully enjoyed and used for learning experiences by students and staff.

Last fall, upwards of 50 volunteers came together to clear the Red Pine Trail and reconstruct some footbridges along the path. A Trails Steering Committee, led by Principal Dr. Shelley Baldwin-Nye and parent volunteer Bethany Mancuso, is continuing to make plans for improvements.

"I'm thrilled to celebrate our new sign and trail markers, and I want to express our appreciation for the work and talent of the high school student who made it happen with Mrs. Komp," Dr. Baldwin-Nye said. "It has been an incredible journey and community effort to this point. I can't wait to see what we will accomplish in the future that our students will learn from and enjoy."


picture of Glencliff trail map debut

Members of the Glencliff community gathered to celebrate the new trail map.

picture of Glencliff trail map debut 

Glencliff art teacher Sheree Komp and the high school students, with the old and new trail maps.