The Board of Education believes that the success of educational programs and operations depends on the competence of the entire staff. The Board also recognizes its responsibility to encourage staff development through goal-setting, budgetary commitment, and monitoring staff development activities. The Board encourages individual pursuit of staff development experiences. The Superintendent of Schools has the authority to approve release time and expenses for individual staff members’ attendance at professional training conferences, study councils, inservice courses, workshops, summer study grants, school visitations, professional organizations, etc., within budgeta1y constraints. The Superintendent is also responsible for an orientation program that will acquaint new and returning staff with programs, policies and activities of the school district, the school and the student body

Cross-Ref: 5310, Student Discipline
9223, Professional Staff Leaves and Absences
9241, Arrangements for Professional Staff Substitutes

Ref: Education Law §3604(8)
8 NYCRR Part 80; §100.2(e)(vii)

Adopted: February 26, 1996