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mathematics department

The program in mathematics offers preparation in the concepts and skills necessary for competence in mathematics, with a focus on deeper knowledge of our number system, problem-solving, experience with quantitative reasoning, study of the nature of proof, and the techniques of critical thinking.

New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics [PDF]

K-12 Math Director: William Wales,, (518) 382-2511, ext. 21783


New elementary mathematics resource page 

Two Common Core Math Parent Nights were held in January where Niskayuna teachers and administrators shared information to help parents get a better understanding of the math being taught in elementary classrooms. Presenters also provided parents with strategies to help children at home and debuted a Common Core Mathematics video featuring Niskayuna students, teachers and principals. Elementary Mathematics Resource Page


middle school math information

The Niskayuna middle school math curriculum is based on the New York State Mathematics Standards that have been aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards. The Common Core standards provide a consistent and clear understanding of what students are expected to learn. 

  • Key Areas of Focus for Grade 6: Ratios and proportional reasoning; early expressions and equations.
  • Key Areas of Focus for Grade 7: Ratios and proportional reasoning; arithmetic of rational numbers.
  • Key Areas of Focus for Grade 8: Linear algebra
Big Ideas middle school Math Program Resources

High School Math Program

Visit the high school math page for program information, course descriptions, and links to faculty pages. 



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