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high school health education: Human ecology

The Niskayuna Sr. High Health Education course is a one semester course offered to students in grades 11 and 12. Students are given a half credit toward their graduation requirement. Students must pass the course to receive credit. It is a NYS mandate to receive this credit in order to successfully complete graduation requirements.

The Sr. High Health Education course is designed to help students:

  • increase their understanding of their own attributes, values and attitudes, and how these impact their lives;
  • increase their understanding of, and respect for, the attributes, values, and attitudes of others;
  • increase their self-reliance and decrease their dependence on outside influences;
  • learn and develop skills that contribute to health enhancing behaviors over the lifetime;
  • gain knowledge about, and respect for, mankind and his total environment.

The Niskayuna Sr. High Health Curriculum has been built around the NYS Guidance Document, NYS and National Health Education Commencement Level Standards, and parent, community, and student recommendations.

Using a skills approach outlined in the NYS Health Education Guidance Document, students are encouraged to develop their capacity to make the best possible health decisions. The skills developed and reinforced in this program include the overarching skills of Self Management and Relationship Management. Through these areas the skills of Planning and Goal Setting, Decision Making, Stress Management, Communication, and Advocacy are further developed and practiced. Within these skill areas, students are taught a age appropriate health education functional knowledge or content. Content at this level includes: Physical Activity and Nutrition, HIV/AIDS, Sexual Risk, Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Family Life and Sexual Health, Unintentional Injury Prevention, Teen Depression and Suicide Prevention, Bullying and Violence Prevention, Eating Disorders, Internet Safety, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention. This course also satisfies the NYS requirement for Parenting Education at the secondary level.

Parents can request that their children be allowed to "opt out" of the human sexuality portion of the course. Opt-out procedures