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Advanced Regents Diploma

If pursuing the Advanced Regents Diploma, students must choose one of the following sequences:

  • Fine Arts - Studio in Art and four units of art and/or music courses
  • Visual Art - A five-unit sequence beginning with Studio in Art
  • Music - The five-unit music sequence
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE)
  • Language Other Than English (LOTE) - A sequence totaling three units
    (Note: Successful completion of the language competency exam at the end of the 8th grade meets the one unit of LOTE required for graduation.)

art as a sequence of study

Students planning to major in art must have at least a three-unit sequence of art courses and, if pursuing the Advanced Regents Diploma, a five-unit sequence of art courses. The sequence generally begins in the 9th grade with Studio in Art. The student should then schedule as many art courses as possible during the next three years. Students may fulfill the three-unit sequence by pursuing any combination of advanced art electives in the visual arts that total three units, including: fine art, media art and three-dimensional art offerings. At least two years of the Advanced Art Studio course are recommended for a student to prepare a portfolio of artwork needed for college, art school admissions, or AP portfolio submission.

Fine Art as a Sequence of Study

In addition, students may pursue a five-unit sequence for an Advanced Regents Diploma in the fine arts by taking a combination of art and music courses. The combination must consist of Studio in Art and/or a musical knowledge and attitude development course, along with any combination of electives from the art and music offerings totaling five units.

Students may also fulfill the sequence requirement by taking Studio in Art from the art department and the full-year Design and Drawing for Production or Architectural Drawing from the Technology department, along with a combination of electives from the art offerings totaling five units.