Public schools are among the most significant investments that any community makes collectively. District leaders work to make the most effective use of resources to benefit students, to develop and manage the budget in a responsible and transparent manner, and to be accountable to taxpayers. Each spring the Board of Education adopts a budget for the coming school year for a community vote, which is held on the third Tuesday in May.

2018-19 Budget Development Timeline

The budget development calendar calls for a series of budget presentations at Board of Education meetings in January and February, followed by the presentation of the proposed budget and the Board of Education’s budget decisions. View the complete budget development timeline

2017-18 School Budget

  • Budget total: $81,400,312
  • Spending increase: $957,407 (+1.19%)
  • Tax levy increase: $1,131,872

2017-18 School Budget Document

View budget information from prior years

If you are unable to access the budget document, please contact

Tax Rates

Tax rates for the four municipalities in the district are set each August. They are based on the tax levy for the year and final municipal assessments for each of the towns. Tax rates vary between the towns because property in each is assessed at different levels in relation to full market value. The state assigns each town an equalization rate to fairly divide the tax levy between the towns. The district does not control any part of the assessment or equalization process.

Tax bills are typically mailed by September 1 and due by September 30 without penalty. The district has two-tiers of tax rates: homestead (residential) and non-homestead (commercial) for each municipality.

Current School District Tax Rates by Town


  • Niskayuna: $18,85 per $1,000
  • Glenville: $20.00 per $1,000
  • Colonie: $28.32 per $1,000
  • Clifton Park: $32.52 per $1,000


  • Niskayuna $25.00 per $1,000
  • Glenville: $26.27 per $1,000
  • Colonie: $37.98 per $1,000
  • Clifton Park: $52.66 per $1,000

    The STAR Program
    Homeowners who meet certain eligibility requirements through the New York State School Tax Relief Program – STAR – can have a portion of their home’s assessed value exempt from school property taxes. Learn more about the STAR program

    Voter Information

    Residents across New York State go to the polls on the third Tuesday each May to vote on the annual school budget and elect members to the Board of Education. The vote is held in the Niskayuna High School New Orchestra Room from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Voters must be 18 years old, United States citizens, and have resided in the district for at least 30 days prior to the vote. You do not need to be pre-registered in order to vote. Absentee ballot information is made available prior to the vote so that residents who are unable to vote in person for reasons of illness or disability or will be out of town can participate.

    The Audit Committee & Financial Statements

    School district finances are subject to internal and external auditing, which promote both accountability and transparency. The Niskayuna Central School District Audit Committee, which is comprised of Board members and community members, is charged with providing independent advice, assistance, and recommendations to the board in the oversight of the internal and external audit functions.  Learn more about the Audit Committee

    Each year, in accordance with New York State regulations, an independent auditor conducts a review of the districts’ financial statements. After the audit is completed, it is reviewed by the Audit Committee and accepted by the Board. This typically takes place in the fall. View the most recent audited financial statements