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More Information

College Admissions Testing: Visit our College Exams page for test dates, locations, deadlines, and other important links.

College Applications & eDocs: View this pdf to read our recommended procedures for getting your college applications ready. During Senior Groups we'll review different types of applications and related deadlines. To help us help YOU, please remember to complete the Senior Information Sheet. Your counselor should already have your completed "My Thoughts About Myself" from Junior year. 

*Don't forget.... College Applications (and/or School Report Forms) must be to your counselor at least 10 school days before they are due. We need to confirm the accuracy of your transcript, record information on where you are applying, tailor your letter of recommendation for the specific school, make sure your application packet is complete, check if there is anything else the college requires, etc. It takes time to do it right. Last minute applications are not a good idea for anyone. We will always try to process your applications in a timely manner to meet deadlines, but we need you to plan ahead so we have 10 school days to do a good job on your behalf!

College Athletics: If you think that you may be playing a Div I or II sport in college you must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Pick up information in the counseling center to help you register. For more information, visit NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse | NCAA | NAIA | NJCAA

College Representatives Visits: Visit Naviance for an up-to-date listing of College Admissions Representatives who will be visiting Niskayuna High School to meet you! 

Teacher Recommendations: Review the procedures for obtaining teacher recommendations.

Transcript Review, GPA and Graduation Requirements: Your transcript represents the work you have completed during high school. Please help us include everything that should be on it, including school-related activities and honors by checking it carefully. Visit the Transcript Information page for guidelines on what should be on your transcript. Check the GPA page to learn how your grade point average was computed using grades from 9th, 10th and 11th. Check your transcript against graduation requirements as an extra check that everything is set and ready for graduation and your post-high school plans!