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Junior Planning Calendar

Junior planning folders will be distributed during college night in the fall.

Here are some of the items juniors will receive in their folder:

  • Schedule of Activities for Juniors - Important dates for Juniors and parents to remember!
  • Niskayuna High School Profile - Sent with transcripts to describe our high school to colleges. Profile
  • My Thoughts About Myself - Due to your counselor by May 1st.
  • Student Descriptive Rating Scales (due to your counselor by May 1st) - Junior year is one of discovery and the beginning of an exciting exploration into the many options you may embark on after graduation. Your post-secondary planning will begin to concentrate on your potential alternatives after high school. Please make sure that your My Thoughts About Myself is filled out and in the hands of your counselor by May 1st. This is an important document that helps your counselor compile your Developmental Aspect a.k.a college recommendation.

College exams

Make sure you sign up to take SAT and/or ACT testing. Students must register electronically for SAT at and the ACT on Check the College Exams page for more information. The Counseling Center also has information on tutoring and test-prep classes.

College Admission Exam Links: SAT  |  ACT  |  PSAT   |  AP [PDF]

Juniors often ask how their three year Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed. Look here to learn how it is computed along with an example. Your counselor will be able to provide you with your GPA at the beginning of your Senior year. It is NOT recalculated with senior year grades, although your senior year report cards will be sent to the colleges you are applying to. Corrections due to errors can be made and should be brought to the attention of your school counselor as soon as possible.

Have you made plans to visit colleges yet? Spring is the best time for juniors to do this, while campuses are still filled with their students. We encourage you to use your Naviance account in order to establish a prospective list of schools to visit and attend open houses.